I had planned on posting these things as much as twice a week. Lately, it looks more like every other month. Well, it comes as it comes. As in most things, priorities come to fore. Obligations need to be addressed. And, obligations are just that – obligations. So, in the bigger picture, dear readers, this endeavor took a back seat to the more pressing matters on hand.

I try not to think in work terms over a weekend. Weeeell, not too much anyway. This is my bear in hibernation time. I’m in my castle with the drawbridge up. Now, it isn’t necessarily a bad thing, but I often blur the line between the work space and my private time. I would guess that this is not an uncommon thing. It is also fair to say that my default programing has no issues here. However, timelines I agreed to are agreements I work to keep. So, where does this fit in the greater sceme of things?

Well, there the rationalization process, of course. I could come up with a thousand or more “reasons” for not doing something. That is the easy part. Knowing why I didn’t do something usually comes down to the following: I chose not to do it. Full stop. Granted, it is oftentimes in order for me to do something else, even when that something else is squat. Zero. Zilch. Ungatz. Rien. Nil. Niente. Nada. Kuch nahin. Nothing.

This keeps me firmly in line with the thought that not deciding on something is a decision in itself. “If I don’t think about it, it doesn’t really exist.” Someone not being able to choose is, in fact, a choice. And, not doing anything is, by default, doing something. In military terminology, the appropriate question here would be – “What is the maximum effective range of an excuse?”

So, the truth be told, I had other things I decided to attend to. Since much of it was writing, this endeavor took a rational back seat. So, the moral of the story here is that one must prioritize his mission and take ownership of same. Good or bad, that’s all there is.

Oh, and one more thing – get over yourself.