I’ve been absent for several weeks now. I’ve been suffering from a severe disorder – a case of analysis paralysis. Trying to do too many things and accomplishing too little. I got ugatz for my efforts. A multitude of obstructions appeared in my path. In this particular retelling of the tale, Goliath stomped on David.

Just another day, right?

I could claim that this stems from having a lot on my plate. I could claim a lot of things. This bout of busyness, in itself, is absolutely great. I love being busy. That is (caveat follows) as long as I get my alone time at the end of the week. That is the time that I take to recharge my battery. Without that, I am a wreck. I have time. We all do. It is how we manage that time that makes the difference.

During the workaday week, I train, facilitate, write (and work in other media). I enjoy delivering programs. I create. I also love sharing the story and making people think. I take great care/pains with editing. It is a slow, painful, but ultimately, rewarding process.  Then, that particular bit it is over and it is pushed aside while I embrace “Project Next.”

However, when I lose my rhythm, I’m rubbish.

“Hello everyone. My name is Rick and I am a unitasker.”

So, is it a matter of time, organization or proper planning? Or could it be focus, prioritizing or follow through?


In my case, it is all of that. They all affect each other. Try removing a wheel from your car and see how far you get. There is one characteristic I have, if it gnaws at me, I’m like a dog with a bone. (Seriously, how many metaphors can I fit in a single post?) I know I can get rather fixated sometimes. However, refusing to give up can certainly be a virtue in certain circumstances.

Sometimes, admittedly, you have to hit the reset button. Reboot.

There are times when we all get caught like a deer in the headlights. Just for that moment, we are stuck firmly in place. Then what? You have to focus and make a decision, In this case, I took a deep breath, picked up my slingshot and told Goliath I was gonna kick his ass.

We’ll see. He is a pretty big bastard.