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At a Loss for Words

I recently suffered a great loss. It saddened me a great deal, and I shall feel this loss for some time to come. I shall pine for all of those late nights spent together, dreaming of greater horizons and glorious things past. There was no warning given. There was no hint of imminent departure. I arose one morning to find there was no life to be had. The spark was gone.
Meine maschine ist kaputt. My beloved ASUS has passed on.
And I had not backed up my files in some time. ~SIGH~
Thus, my reserve of posts entered the ether. Hence, an unplanned absence from these pages.
The lesson learned is that no matter how much you may prepare and plan, you can still expect the unexpected. As it has been said – Man plans. God laughs.
So, suck it up and start again. This time, don’t forget to back it up!